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YouTube video editing tool - Best Video Editor for YouTube 2023

Trusted by 10,00,000 content creators, professionals, Accessible to Everyone.Create quality YouTube Videos in minutes!

IMVideoeditor is the best, easy-to-use, free yet powerful YouTube video editing tool. This online video editor for YouTube providing premium YouTube video editor and best free video editing software for YouTube. Our awesome YouTube video editor help YouTubers create outstanding, stunning, and incredible YouTube videos in minutes like a pro.

From beginners to the savvy ones, every-one can enjoy benefits from its' multiple video editing features and array of effects that will enhance the quality of your raw footage and help you convert it in professionally created “YouTube masterpiece video”.

It is the best video editor for YouTube currently in the market to beat your competitors and increase the watch-time 10X on your channel! Curated with keeping in mind the best practices followed by the most successful content creators on this platform, key edits in viral videos and leading industry experts. We help you take your channel to the next level. Use the free online YouTube video editor now!

How to use our online video editor for YouTube?

Free YouTube video Editor

You don't have to download software or extensions to use the IM video editor. Just be on our website, and that’s it. Our software is a fast, easy, reliable tool to edit vlogs, gaming videos, comedy videos, How-to's, tutorials, and all other types of YouTube videos; all live.

Because of our unparalleled power and accessibility, we are without a doubt the greatest image editor available. As a photographer, your success is dependent on high-quality pictures, an eye-catching portfolio to exhibit your work, and the proper equipment to shoot with—all of which may be costly. When everything is said and done, a restricted budget may make it difficult to spend more on professional picture editors, especially when there are excellent free applications available, such as us, which makes us an excellent choice for you.

Upload your video

Upload Your YouTube video on our IMvideoeditor to start editing. Just click on the upload button, and upload a video clip. Make sure that your video is less than 20 MB.

Edit your Video with varied features

IM video editor is a powerful online video editing software for YouTube with all functionalities you need to edit your videos. Pick from our huge variety of effects, visual or audio enhancements, filters and video elements to make attractive and vibrant YouTube videos.

  • Place video, image, audio, text, or subtitle layers on a base video asset to generate new and customized creations on the fly.
  • You can Apply a huge variety of effects and other visual or audio enhancements to a video.
  • Convert videos to animated image formats, such as animated AVIFs, GIFs or WebP files.

Add music and voiceovers

You can upload your music from your audio library to your video. Moreover, the IM video editor allows you to add voiceovers by clicking the record button.

Add other video elements

IM video editors library has a collection of stickers, filters, overlays, and animations that you can add to your videos online. Our software also gives you the ability to add text to your video.

Preview your video

You can preview the video and make sure everything is perfect. Our user-friendly interface helps you make final adjustments quickly.

Download your video

You can export your video in formats compatible with YouTube. You have the option to upload it directly to YouTube or download your video to your device and upload it manually.

Why Choose the best free YouTube tool

Ads free

IIM video editor offers professional video editing services without spamming advertisements. Hence, you don't need ad-blocking technologies or browser extensions to stop ads.

Cloud-based processing

IM video editor uses cloud-based processing to handle complex video editing requirements. All processing is carried out on remote servers rather than local devices, which ensures effortless editing. As a result, the IM video editor runs smoothly without lag, even while handling large and complex video projects.

All browser compatibility

IM video editor is compatible with every browser; hence you can access our services from anywhere without performance issues.

Fast processing

With our powerful servers doing all the heavy lifting, the IM video editor allows you to upload, edit and download videos within minutes. You can even work on multiple projects and export them together without hassle.

Real-time collaboration

IM editor lets you comment and share your YouTube videos with your team members. Collaborate with your staff during the entire creation and editing process.

Privacy Security

Imvideoeditor is 100% safe to use with the HTTPS (SSL) connection, which keeps your data encryption. Your data will be deleted from our server within 24 hours later. So, your data is in credible hands and need not to worry about content loss.

How will our free YouTube video editor help you?

A well-edited YouTube video will engage & inspire viewers and entice them to stay longer. It captures attention swiftly, particularly on YouTube where there are so many choices. It will gain more clicks, views and makes your video look more professional. You can lose viewers throughout a video if it is full of stroppy gaps, meandering messages, and errors. Editing your video expresses audiences that you’ve put a lot of time, resources and effort into your video.

If you want to create stunning YouTube videos with eye-catchy effects easily, then, IMvideoeditor is an ideal choice. We provide real-time editing solutions & services to create new and improve your existing videos, and give them a genuine quality boost. Use it in Video compilations, shorts, vlogs, dance clips, travel footages, fashion & beauty based content making, gaming highlights, and whatever you want to create. Grow your channel with one-click editing and get fast access to splendid visual effects and transitions, and drag-and-drop features to save time on difficult visual effects tasks and software.

Note: Never download copyrighted content and always follow YouTube's terms, conditions and privacy policies.

Benefits of using the best free online video editor for YouTube

Cost-effective videos with high returns

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on high and editing software, a creative video-making platform like IM video editor is cost-efficient. Utilize the internet for stock images, animations, music, and templates and create visually stunning videos that deliver outstanding results similar to expensive editing software.

No laptop, no problem

IM video editor has a responsive design and is compatible with every mobile device. You can create stunning YouTube videos on the go as long as you have internet connectivity.

Say hello to Automatic updates

You can say goodbye to frequent software downloads as the IM video editor updates in real time. You will always have access to the latest features, tools, and templates.

User-friendly interface

With our powerful servers doing all the heavy lifting, the IM video editor allows you to upload, edit and download videos within minutes. You can even work on multiple projects and export them together without hassle.

  • Labeling feature to keep clips organized.
  • Playback option for reviewing and correcting the edits.
  • Pop-ups with educative instructions to guide users during the editing process.

Best video editing software for YouTube

Pro-level editing

Accelerate, use slow motion, rotate, filter, and much more to customize your YouTube video even more. You can organize, trim, crop, split, merge footage, add text, and color, clear clutter, correct sound, adjust lighting, add effects, and create transitions just like an expert with a few simple steps.

Make High-quality, engaging YouTube videos

Here is how you can create compelling content for YouTube with our IM video editor.

  • Create steady videos without distracting elements.
  • Make your videos professional by quickly adjusting brightness, contrast, and color saturation.
  • Emphasize key points in the video with text overlays and titles.
  • Clear voiceover for your messages and enhanced audio quality that matches the tone of your brand.
  • Music and sound effects can pluck on your viewer's emotional heartstrings.

Benefits of using the best free online video editor for YouTube

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Add Music

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Add Transitions

Filter Video

Motion Graphic

Remove Background

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