Top Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE (2024)

Posted On : 01-01-2024

Top Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE (2024)

Marketing industry has profoundly changed in the last few years. From print media to TV ads, now the hype is all around influencer marketing, and the credit for this prompt eminence goes to the rise of social media platforms and creative niche influencers.

Brands are shifting their budgets from traditional marketing to influencer marketing because of the engagement it fosters for them. Considering the internet penetration rate of 99% and over 9.84 million social media users, the majority of brands in Dubai are leveraging this efficient digital marketing strategy to expand their reach and boost conversions.

However, brands need creative assistance and advanced resources to execute impactful campaigns and build meaningful connections with their current and targeted audience; that's why they seek help from the top influencer marketing company in Dubai.

These influencer marketing platforms in the Middle East have become crucial for strategizing result-oriented influencer marketing campaigns for brands according to their marketing goals and preferences. Therefore, this blog explores the strengths or benefits you can avail by partnering with an influencer marketing company in Dubai, UAE.

We will cover here, about seven of the best influencer marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE, highlighting their capabilities, innovative strategies and approaches, diverse services, and achievements.

List of the Top Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE (2024)



Grynow is one of the top influencer marketing companies in the UAE, known for its top-notch influencer marketing services and short video production services, such as organic social media videos, product videos, and influencer-based video ads. They have helped thousands of brands and businesses expand their reach and enhance awareness through effective influencer marketing services in the UAE.

They design strategic influencer marketing campaigns featuring social media influencers and create personalized, catchy, and impactful short videos for multiple social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., to amplify your growth and boost your business.

Salient features Grynow attains:


Reputation for excellence with over 7 years of industry experience in executing 10,000+ campaigns.

Influencer Networking:

Extensive network of 2 lakh+ social media influencers and content creators from various niches.

Strategy Development:

Precisely identify your preferences and requirements to create personalized strategies that fulfill those requirements.

Content Creation:

High-quality short videos conveying interesting narratives that resonate with your target audience and organically highlight your offerings.

Campaign Tracking:

5 From campaign execution to result analysis, advanced tools and technology are used to create engaging audio-visuals for the campaign and track it in case it requires optimization.

UGC Agency


UGC Agency is among the best influencer marketing companies in the UAE, assisting businesses to reach out to a larger audience over the Internet by leveraging referral marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a centuries-old tactic that has been a major factor in the growth of businesses, and it is still very beneficial in today’s world of digital marketing. The UGC Agency applies this tactic by helping brands curate and publish user-generated content on social media platforms.

The agency is trusted by many renowned brands like Groww, One Plus, Paytm, Amazon, and Facebook because of their extensive research to collect user feedback and present engaging content to people. UGC Agency and its team of expert marketing specialists provide the best content optimization, video production, campaign management, and concept development services at very competitive prices.

Salient features UGC Agency attains:

Suitable Influencer Matchmaking:

Their network of over 2 lakh influencers allows you to choose creators that authentically align with your vision and marketing goals to drive engagement.

Quick Delivery at a Reasonable Price:

Cost-effective UGC videos are delivered within 48 hours of finalizing the collaborative deal.

UGC Campaign Execution:

The best influencer marketing platforms in Middle East help you boost your UGC-based influencer marketing campaign in the UAE and increase brand credibility and authenticity.

Organic Lead Conversions:

With amplified social media reach and brand awareness, you can garner increased lead generation and conversion of potential clients into loyal consumers.

Videos Commerce


Videos Commerce is one of the top influencer marketing companies in UAE that provides creative video production services. It is strategized using niche content creators & social media influencers to leverage their influence on your potential clients. These video commerce visuals can be used on your social media channels according to their relevancy & target audience.

You can use them as reels, shorts, ads, reviews, testimonials, amazon videos, website videos, etc. They create original, informative, and fun short and in-depth long video content to leverage the credibility and established relationship between the influencers and their existing and new audiences.

Videos Commerce helps brands grow their brand awareness, credibility, audience engagement, and revenue through their impactful influencer marketing services in Dubai and by allowing smooth transactions between these niche influencers.

Salient features Videos Commerce attains:

Crafting Strategic Campaigns:

The availability of advanced tools and software makes it easy to design a data-driven influencer marketing campaign in the UAE that fulfills your marketing goals.

Trend-Based Video Services:

Besides connecting with niche influencers, you can avail of services like organic social media videos, product demo videos, video ads, testimonial videos, and social commerce videos.

Analyzing Various KPIs or Metrics:

It is important to monitor various KPIs, such as content creation, audience engagement, brand collaborations, analytical performance, and other strategic factors.

End-to-End Problem Solving:

Delivers full-service video production with exceptional customer care service, helping brands throughout the process by providing effective solutions for their concerns and curating engaging campaigns tailored to their marketing needs.



Videaze is famously known for formulating, designing, strategizing, and executing hyper-personalized influencer marketing campaigns in the UAE. The agency is among the top influencer marketing companies in the Middle East because of their effective approaches to creating engaging campaigns personalized to their targeted audiences’ needs and requirements.

Videaze has a team of influencer marketing experts in Dubai who are experienced professionals with expertise in creating creative, informative, and engaging video content that resonates with your existing and potential clients.

Salient features Videos Commerce attains:


6+ years of experience in executing engaging and result-driven campaigns for more than 1000 brands with highly effective, data-driven and customized strategies for each one of them.

Influencer Database:

A substantial network of over 2 lakh influencers and content creators from different niches who are experienced individuals in curating top-notch video content for multiple social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In-Depth Campaign Designing:

After cautiously selecting the right influencers based on their content quality, audience engagement, previous collaborations, and target audience demographics, effective strategies are laid out to design and execute campaigns for unprecedented growth opportunities.


The cost of an influencer campaign totally depends on factors like the level of influencers you choose, the scale of the campaign, content requirements, creativity, and digital and technical support.



YTube SEO is among the top influencer marketing companies in GCC, with a large network of diverse niche influencers and advanced tools for impactful outcomes.

YTube SEO provides a wide range of services, such as influencer identification and outreach, video content creation, strategic campaign management, relationship building, and campaign analysis and optimization, resulting in wider audience reach and efficient promotion of their products and services among targeted clients.

Besides providing influencer marketing services in the Middle East, the agency offers a free, impeccable YouTube SEO tool that helps creators and brands understand the type of content with the most views. They help them create engaging videos for their YouTube channels and get desired views on their content.

Salient features YTube SEO attains:

Goals Identification:

Clearly recognized marketing goals pave a clear direction for your brand, ensuring a systematic roadmap to success.

Content Optimization:

The YTube SEO tool helps you generate catchy titles and engaging video descriptions for your YouTube channel that are fully optimized for search, resulting in increased visibility.

Impactful Outcomes:

The influencer-driven content garners unparalleled results, such as increased 78% organic traffic, 115% engagement, 94% watch time, and 70% subscriber volume, while also fostering long-lasting connections between brands and audiences.

Website: quickly rose in the Middle East region and became one of the top influencer marketing companies in Mena Region with their brilliant work in different niche markets. They are the best influencer marketing platforms in the UAE to deliver bespoke marketing campaigns, be it for fashion, beauty, travel, technology, or luxury brands.

The company provides customized influencer marketing services in GCC that are scalable, result-oriented, and cater to your end-to-end influencer marketing challenges. They offer many services, including effective influencer marketing strategy, selecting the right influencers, and creating engaging content for different social media platforms.

Salient features attains:

Influencer Networking:

Acquire a strong network of more than 2.5 lakh social media influencers and content creators from various niches and social media platforms.

Databank of Niche Influencers:

Only 1% of influencers and creators make it past our rigorous criteria that match the preferences and requirements of the brands seeking the benefits of influencer marketing agencies.

Influencer Relationship Management:

Maintaining long-term relationships with millions of niche influencers to offer you collaborative deals with precise creators that align with your brand’s goals and targeted consumers.

UGC Production:

Utilize content generated by genuine audiences or consumers to increase brand authenticity and genuineness among new or potential customers.

Engaging Video Content:

Creating consumer-centric video content to convey brand narratives that resonate with your targeted audience and captivate their attention organically.

IG Packages


IG Packages is one of the best influencer marketing agencies in the UAE that helps brands reach their audience on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, etc., by creating highly engaging and impactful campaigns. They provide various marketing services, including influencer marketing and short video production.

The agency has a vast network of influencers and content creators from different niches and demographics with substantial followings, high audience engagement, and so on, which allows them to easily match brands with suitable niche influencers for their campaigns.

Moreover, IG Packages has a dedicated team of professionals who work directly with influencers and brands to produce engaging influencer-featured content and market it proficiently among their target audience.

Salient features IG Packages attains:

Huge Community of Experts:

Fosters an extensive network of area professionals like scriptwriters, marketing professionals, influencer specialists, content strategists, brand managers, and over 50,000 social media influencers.

Trendy Content Creation:

Providing catchy influencer-based content according to the latest market trends will boost your channel's growth across multiple social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Organic Audience Growth:

Abstracting the process of channel growth by providing ‘Buy Real Youtube Subscribers’ packages in which they increase the subscriber count organically to make your content more prevalent.

Benefits of Partnering with Influencer Marketing Agencies in MENA Region

Influencer-Based Content Strategies

Influencer-led content strategies laid out by the influencer marketing experts in MENA Region are creative and one-of-a-kind because they are planned to share brand stories that resonate directly with their target consumers, providing them with creative liberty to fulfill all the goals set for the brands.

Valuable Market Insights

Influencer marketing agencies in the Middle East deeply dive into the substantial amount of data available and analyze the latest trends, customer needs and preferences, and data-driven strategies. Based on these insights, the right influencer marketing strategy is proposed for your brand.

Organic Brand Exposure

Traditional marketers struggled and faced many ups and downs, such as time management, infrastructure, and wider reach. On the other hand, the top influencer marketing platforms in Dubai leverage the trust and recognition of social media influencers for brand recognition. In addition, it effectively communicates the difference between the customer and the brand.

Effective Competitive Approaches

It can be challenging and time-consuming to acquire information about the latest trends and how your competitors leverage them. With the help of the best influencer marketing companies in the UAE, you can easily receive significant insights about your competitors, which allows you to adjust to market changes and grasp better opportunities to give them a leg up.

Increased Brand Affinity

Transparency and authority are hallmarks of authenticity, and the best influencer marketing agencies in Dubai enable brands to boost their brand identity and online image, directly impacting their customers and increasing audience engagement and sales conversion.

Profound Consumer Influence

Building a strong brand presence online among your targeted audiences or potential consumers is crucial by constantly appearing on their feeds, ensuring boosted brand awareness and credibility.

By partnering with the leading influencer marketing agencies in GCC, you can create a subconscious brand presence among your customers by regularly sharing influencer-featured content and creating an influence on their purchasing decisions.

Comprehensive Campaign Analysis

Today, brands are no longer restricted to promoting their products or services to their potential consumers; rather, they now analyze the feedback they receive and use it to improve and innovate. One of the prominent benefits of influencer marketing agencies is their efforts to analyze both major and minor elements of campaigns in real time and optimize accordingly.